Welcome to Christ Church

A warm welcome awaits you at Christ Church .

'Our mission at Christ Church is to be a welcoming Christian community committed to enabling each other to grow through worship, spiritual fellowship and service, following the example of Christ.'

We are a church that is proud of its history, with a presence in our community that extends back to 1817! Come and visit our beautiful Church with its stunning stained glass windows. We are living the Gospel today, operating a food bank, youth programs, a major annual theater production, and a wide range of engaging services with varying forms of music, to name just a few of our activities and outreach.

Please be advised that our minister Rev Steve Laskey is on sick leave starting Feb 3, 2014. In case of emergencies please call Rev Jane Clattenburg at 401-4967, or please leave a message on the Parish Office answering machine 466-4270 (it is checked frequently)

Christ Church will be hiring 2 groundskeepers this summer starting the first of May. This would be an ideal job for a university student. It pays $10.50 per hour for a 32.5 hour work week. Please e-mail all resumes to christ.church@ns.aliantzinc.ca.


Sunday, Apr 13                8:00  Rev Dr Jody Clarke

PALM SUNDAY             9:15  Rev Dr Jody Clarke

                                       11:00  BCP  Rev Dr Jody Clarke

Mon April 14 7:00 pm – Allan Turner

Tues, April 15 7:00 pm - Archdeacon Marilyn Newport

Wed, April 16 7:00 pm— Rev Cathy Simpson

Maundy Thursday   7:00 pm washing of feet service -  Rev Dr. Jody Clarke/Rev Jane Clattenburg

Good Friday       noon children’s focus  Cathy Tutton/Rev Dr. Jody Clarke

1-2 Rev Jane Clattenburg

2-3  Rev Jane Clattenburg

3-4 quiet time

An Invitation from St. Albans- Did you know that originally, Bible stories weren’t written in a big book?? They were passed down by one generation telling another. That is what we hope to recreate on Holy Saturday night, April 19 – complete with a campfire, stories and singing!  Meet us in St. Albans Church Hall (345 Pleasant St.) at 6:00 pm. We’ll process up the stairs to the chancel. When we’ve heard the stories of how much God loves us and all the world, we’ll conclude by renewing our Baptismal Vows, the promises we made when we became members of the Body of Christ.

Then on Easter Morning please join us at Christ Church to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. The service times are:

5:55 am followed by a breakfast  Rev Dr. Jody Clarke

8:00 am BCP Holy Communion  Rev Jane Clattenburg

9:15 BAS Holy Eucharist   Rev Jane Clattenburg

11:00 BAS Holy Communion  Rev Jane Clattenburg


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