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Oct 5, 2014 - Creation Time - Diversity

Song - All God's Creatures

Story - Noah's Ark

Creation Time 2014

From September 14 to October 5 Christ Church Sunday School celebrates Creation Time.

Life in the Eucharist - Intro & Theme 1

In Sunday School last Sunday we took our first step along the Anglican Church of Canada's Life in the Eucharist program. Life in the Eucharist is designed as a six week program that intends to deepen children's understanding of the eucharist and, in the case of children who wish to but do not yet receive communion, to prepare them for the sacrament.

We have ordered workbooks parents and children but they have not arrived. They are on back-order. The attached pdf is for parents to read so they can keep up with what we have started in Sunday School.

Christ Church Pageant 2013

The Christ Church Christmas Pageant 2013 will be held December 15 at 10 AM in the Christ Church Hall. Any child between the age of 3 - 14 is welcome to participate, regardless of whether they attend Sunday School at Christ Church or not. The pageant includes puppets and people. All the children will learn one simple song. There will be 3 rehearsals - Nov. 24, Dec. 1 and Dec. 8, plus a full dress rehearsal December 14. Please plan to attend at least 2 rehearsals and the full dress rehearsal.

September 2013

Registration for Sunday School at Christ Church is this coming Sunday, September 8, after the 10 AM service, in the lower hall. Sunday School starts September 15 at 9 AM. All are welcome to attend.

Spring Module

Through the winter our theme was sharing. This spring we will add stewardship to our sharing. More specifically we will build a community garden, do some spring clean-ups and take good care of our environment and communitiy. The fruits of our labours will be shared with the food bank, Margaret's House and others.


This past Sunday we initiated a winter module that has us looking at poverty and hunger. When the Sunday School teachers first met to discuss this we called it the module on poverty and hunger but really it is about sharing. Sharing our resources and our time. We are looking specifically at poverty and hunger in our community to find out how we can best help. The assumption is that we will be more effective if we know a bit about what we are doing. We are asking experienced parishioners to give us some guidance.

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