Groups and Committees

A place to belong - This is a list of all the groups associated with Christ Church and some contact information for each group. If you are looking for a way to get involved, this would be the place to start. If you are on a group that is not listed here please let us know.

If a group has their own web site or page we would put a link to it on the right. If there is an external group associated with Christ Church we could also link to it on the right.

Altar Guild

            Marguerite Clarke, Flower Co-ordinator 466-5847

            Judy Carter Secretary 435-0375

Pastoral Ministry
             Carolyn Chenhall Chairperson 463-2211

            Nan Nichols Co-Chair 466-4738

            Paul Farquharson Chair 435-2676

Cathy Connors Co-Chair 463-6819

 Spirit Committee 
            Christine Hoehne  435-4029

 ACW Isabel Creighton Unit
Sharon Mailman 463-6412

 ACW Ethel F. Stevens Unit 
           Carolyn Chenhall Chair 463-2211

 Perpetual Care Committee - Columbarium Niche Sales
 Stan Keeping 469-1238       Reg Smith 209-7374

Lay Readers 
          Allan Turner 462-5455

9:15 - Candace Vieira 463-1293
          11:00 John Pettigrew 466-5163

         Stan Keeping 483-0049
         Geoff Turnbull 465-1074
         Beth MacDonald 461-2104

Christ Church Players 
          Christine Hoehne 435-4029

The Order of St. Luke the Physician 
        Holly Roddam 817-8533

Bible Studies - Contacts 
Phyllis Gaetz 463-3838
        Joan Halsey 469-0575

Christ Church Food and Clothing Ministry 
        Madelyn Bell 433-0132

Bulletin - Lindsay Patriquin 466-4270
       Pews Report - Lindsay Patriquin
       Website - Catharine Tutton 464-1809  Lindsay Patriquin 466-4270

Sunday School/Youth Group                 Catharine Tutton  464-1809






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